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В теме: My fund missing from my indx wallet. Please help

18 октября 2022 - 12:44

Hi All, Yesterday i taken withdrawal of my  WMZ fund from my indx wallet to my webmoney wallet but i was unable to completed it due to some issue and i cancelled the withdrawal request. Today when i m checking they fund is missing from my indx wallet. Please help. I dont see any withdrawal entry or anything. 


Please help.

same happened to me i contact support they are asking for screenshot i provide them my withdrawal history but not positive response from them fund is gone i think its not safe to use index exchange i think

В теме: My fund missing from my indx wallet. Please help

15 октября 2022 - 15:28

my fund also goes missing i tried to withdraw it vanishes now i dont know what to know any1 can help what to do?

i sold my usdt foe wmz then i tried to withdraw i click on withdraw usually it does cnfrmation but my fund vanishes there is no record of that withdrawal in history nor fund withdraw into my wallet. what to do where to complain i dont know